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Online Property Auctions

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Online Property Auctions

AuctionJia combines an online auction platform with dedicated salespersons.

Through online auctions, we sell your homes faster, in a transparent and cost effective manner.

For Buyers

Do not miss out on undervalued properties anymore! Hunt for cheap homes with GENUINE Sellers.

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For Sellers

Sell your properties quickly through property auctions. Reach out to more Buyers and see all bids online.

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For Agents

Co-broke with us! Help your clients to buy or sell through our online property auction platform. 

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Upcoming auction property

Want to see new properties coming up for auction next month? Subscribe now!

 Why use AuctionJia


Close transactions faster in our monthly property auctions

Platform for genuine Buyers and Sellers only


Buyers and Sellers see all bids

Open bidding process creates market awareness 


Highly effective online property auctions allow us to charge sellers lower commissions