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Online Property Auctions

AuctionJia brings transparency to property transactions in Singapore

Online Property Auctions

AuctionJia combines an online auction platform with dedicated salespersons.

Through online auctions, we sell your homes faster, in a transparent and cost effective manner.

For Buyers

Do not miss out on undervalued properties anymore! Hunt for cheap homes with GENUINE Sellers.

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For Sellers

Sell your properties quickly through property auctions. Reach out to more Buyers and see all bids online.

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Hire an Agent

We do private treaty sales of HDB / Condos / Landed / Commercial too! Learn why you should sell with us.

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 Why use Auctionjia

More Options

Choose to sell via private treaty or online auctions or both!

Greater Awareness

Reach thousands of genuine buyers through our online platform, in addition to the usual property portals

Our HQ staff are experts in social and digital marketing, helping you advertise across Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Google


3D virtual tours allow home viewings any time

Close transactions faster with our monthly property auctions

Data Transparency 

Know what your neighbours bought and sold at?

20 years worth of data to help you price your property effectively 


Our higher productivity and effectiveness allow us to charge sellers lower commissions

Fees from 0.9% for private property and 1.5% for HDB

Experienced & Dedicated Agents

We assign the most relevant agent to you

Fulltime in-house agents with 6 to 15 years of experience

 3D Virtual Tours

 Latest News

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