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Get free private condo and executive condo transaction prices. By using our “Condo Transaction Prices” tool below, you can find transactions from up to 12 years, from 2009 to current, 2021.

If you’re asking yourself why check out private property transacted prices, or how this data is relevant to me, the answer is easy. With property transacted data, you are able to better price your property, in the case that you are looking to sell, or you can find out what prices certain properties are worth, if your intention is to buy.

The data reflected in our tool takes into account all accounts of lodged caveats in the Singapore private property market.

The tool is simple to use and easily customisable within categories so that you can find the right data. Simply sort by district or condo name. Once selected, the data will show you everything from the price the property has been transacted at via date, level of the property (floor), size (sf) and price per square foot (psf).

Please note that the data takes a few seconds to load so please be patient and the data will be with you in just a moment.

Looking to buy or sell a condo? Write in to us and we can help you out. Simply click the button below and we will assign one of our in-house dedicated salesperson to assist you.

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*Disclaimer: data is updated every first week of every month*