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  1. Only bidders who have been verified, accepted our terms and conditions, and executed the Bidding Agreement are able to place a bid.
  2. All bids are contractually binding.
  3. General website users are able to view the highest bid only. Registered bidders are able to see all bids.
  4. Any bid placed within 15 minutes of closing extends the closing by another 15 minutes. There is no limit to this extension.
  5. Foreigners must seek prior approval from the Land Dealings (Approval) Unit for any landed residential property purchase
  6. All auctions, unless otherwise stated, shall be conducted in Singapore dollars.
  7. All auctions shall be subject to a minimum price determined by Auctionjia and any bid of a value less than such minimum price will be declined.
  8. The increase in each bid will be regulated by Auctionjia.
  9. All auctions are subject to a reserve price and Auctionjia shall have the right at any time at its discretion to withdraw the property from the Online Auction without disclosing the reserve price.
  10. Any vendor reserves the right of bidding itself or by its agents as often as it shall please.
  11. All bids received offline may be included in the online bidding by Auctionjia.
  12. Where the reserve price has been met, the Property will be sold to the highest bidder at the end of the auction period
  13. In the event of a dispute in respect of any bid, Auctionjia reserves the right to re-open bidding or determine which bidder submitted the Successful Bid.
  14. All prices, offers and bids, unless stated otherwise, exclude applicable duties, taxes and levies including without limitation stamp duty.