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In need of property transaction data? We’ve got you covered. 

With our Auctionjia Transaction Data tool, a tool where we have compiled caveats, you can access the latest real estate transacted property data from the Singapore property market. 

This information can be useful to you in many ways, whether you are looking to buy or sell properties. 

Look through years worth of data with just a click of a button. Find out for yourself from the thousands worth of compiled transactions that have been made throughout Singapore. 

Searching for detailed transactions? For example, transactions for a 3 room premium HDB flat in Dawson Road? You got it. Sieve through different sections and categories and find exactly what you are looking for. 

With our “Transaction Prices Tools” we include all data from HDB, apartments, condominiums or executive condos. All you have to do is click the right button. 


HDB Transaction Data


Private Property Transaction Data