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What is the typical property agent commission in Singapore?

Did you know that the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA), the regulator of property agents, does not set commission rates in Singapore. Instead, individuals are free to negotiate their property agent's commission fee.

There is however, a "typical" rate. For your benefit, we've tried to find an official source of information for these rates. Below are the rates which we have extracted from APAC Realty's recent Singapore IPO prospectus. The sources for these data include Cushman & Wakefield's research team. APAC Realty operates as ERA, one of the largest estate agents in Singapore.  

Private residential resale

  • Seller pays to Seller's agent: 1 - 2%. In some cases, up to 5% depending on type of property and urgency of seller
  • Buyer pays to Buyer's agent: 0%. Buyer's agent will share part of the Seller's agent commission. (commonly referred to as co-broke)

HDB resale

  • Seller pays to Seller's agent: 1 - 2%
  • Buyer pays to Buyer's agent: Up to 1%

Private and HDB residential rental

  • For 2 years lease
    • If rent is above $3,500: Landlord to pay 1 month's rent to Landlord's agent. If Tenant has an agent, agents to split the 1 month's rent. 
    • If rent is below $3,500: Landlord to pay 1 month's rent to Landlord's agent. Tenant to pay 1 month's rent to Tenant's agent.
  • For 1 year lease
    • Landlord to pay 0.5 month's rent to Landlord's agent. Tenant to pay 0.5 month's rent to Tenant's agent.

Auctionjia property auction

Tired of negotiating commission fees and going through the long, protracted process of selling your property?

At Auctionjia, we charge a standard fee from 0.9% for private properties, and 1.5% for HDB sellers. 

Choose to sell by private treaty or auction.

On top of the usual property listings on PropertyGuru and others, we provide a full suite of online and offline marketing services. Find out more about our services.

To start your selling journey, simply click the button below to write in to us and we will assign one of our in-house dedicated salesperson to assist you. 

Start Selling Today

Example of savings in commission if Auctionjia is appointed

Find out how we saved our client of a previously sold property, Centurion Residences, over $30K with our low 0.9% sales fee. Below, you can find the mathematical breakdown. Said property was sold at $2.83 million.

Direct buyer sales commission

  • If commission at 2% (other agents/agency): 2% x $2,830,000 = $56,600
  • If commission at 0.9% (Auctionjia): 0.9% x $2,830,000 = $25,470
  • Savings in commission = $31,130