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Kellett Court
Status: Closed
Current bid: 1,438,000.00 SGD
By user A******* on Fri, January 26 2018 14:40
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Online ID No.: 103

Click on "View Listing Details" for more information on the property. 

To put in a bid, please register online, and sign our Bidding Agreement. Refer to Buyer FAQ for further instructions.

Seller has signed the Sale & Purchase Agreement and Conditions of Sale, please contact our salesperson for a copy, only after you have signed the Bidding Agreement.

Auction starts 7 December 2017, and ends on Sunday, 10 December 2017, at 3pm, unless extended by last minute bids. Refer to list of Auction Rules.

Start date: Tue, January 23 2018 15:00
End date: Fri, January 26 2018 15:00